How to Use Color Blind Friendly Palettes to Make Your Charts Accessible

August 1, 2023 | Figure & Color


高水平SCI论文的发表要求所有的图均是红绿色盲人员友好的。详细解释见:Colour me better: fixing figures for colour blindness




R 包

There are lots of packages already collected lots of safe colors. I list some of them, but not limited here.

display.brewer.all(colorblindFriendly = T)

install.packages("colorspace", repos = "")
ggplot(iris, aes(Sepal.Length, fill = Species)) + 
  geom_density(alpha = 0.7) + scale_fill_OkabeIto()


August 1, 2023 | Figure

Cheat sheets for Image publishing

Images, initially drawings now photos, are widely used in biology and medicine but when published not always understandable.

Image Workflow for Novice Users

When preparing images for publication, the sequence and proper use of software matters to truthfully report observations. During the first lock down, Christopher Schmied and I therefore created cheat sheets that explain a most basic workflow to get everyone from microscope data to figure in a few simple steps.

Cheat Sheets

The workflow is summarized in two printable cheat sheets. One cheat sheet explains the steps towards a publishable image, the second cheat sheet how to implement the steps with ImageJ/FIJI image processing software.

Cheat sheet that explains all steps and commands in FIJI to process and image for publication

Figure 1: Preparing an image for publication: a quick design reference. From: Schmied and Jambor. Effective image visualization for publications - a workflow using open access tools and concepts


Get the cheat sheets as printable PDF, high-res pdf and psd.
Note, we used an open license, that means you can get the adaptable files and e.g., make translations, alterations, or add your own notes.

A German version was already made by Joram Schwartzmann, checkt it out!

Further resources

Beyond our starter cheat sheets more great resources help you along the way: The “Biologist’s guide to planning and performing quantitative bioimaging experiments” describes the entire arc from sample to microscope via image analysis towards data interpretation and publication. The resource lists many key points and aggregates links to more detailed descriptions, making it easy for biologists to navigate their first microscopy experiments.

Figure 3: A biologist’s guide to planning and performing quantitative bioimaging experiments Senft RA, Diaz-Rohrer B, Colarusso P, Swift L, Jamali N, Jambor H, et al. (2023) PLoS Biol

More about

Microscopy image acquisition

Fluorophores and Filters

Sample preparation

Method reporting

Image analysis & processing software

Cotton Single Cell Assembly and Gene Annotation

August 1, 2023 | Genome

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