Adelphocoris suturalis Jakovlev

Adelphocoris suturalis (Hemiptera: Miridae) is a notorious agricultural pest, which causes serious economic losses to a diverse range of agricultural crops around the world. The poor understanding of its genomic characteristics has seriously hindered the establishment of sustainable and environment-friendly agricultural pest management through biotechnology and biological insecticides.

Order: Hemiptera

Suborder: Heteroptera

Family: Miridae


Here, we report a chromosome-level assembled genome of A. suturalis by integrating Illumina short reads, PacBio, 10x Chromium, and Hi-C mapping technologies. The 1.29 Gb assembly contains twelve chromosomal pseudomolecules with a contig and scaffolds N50 of 2.8 Mb and 120.6 Mb, respectively.


A comprehensive gene model prediction integrated with homology-based prediction, RNA-sequencing-assisted prediction and ab initio prediction identified a total of 20,010 protein-coding genes with 86.4% complete BUSCO genes. Of these, more than 94.3% genes are functionally annotated following searches of NR, GO, KEGG, Swiss-Prot and TrEMBL databases.


Statistics Value
Sequencing platform Illumina+PacBio RS Ⅱ+PacBio Sequel Ⅱ
Genome sequencing depth (x) 260
Genome sequencing depth HiC 106
Estimated genome size (Gb) 1.29
Number of scaffolds 98
Sequenced genome size (Gb) 1.29
Contig N50 (Mb) 1.43
Scaffold N50 (Mb) 120.63
Longest scaffold (Mb) 188.72
GC content (%) 38.38
Repetitive sequences (%) 72.76
Annotated protein-coding genes 20,010
BUSCO completeness of assembly (%) 95.3
BUSCO completeness of annotation (%) 86.4
Statistics Value